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Caring For Your New Lawns:
Eco Tec professionals have just installed your new lawn. Be it sodded of seeded, the most important component for your lawn is WATER. This is what we recommend: watering your lawn twice a day at 8:00am and 3:00pm is ideal to allow for a good soaking, but not to the point where run-off may occur. Always overlap the wet areas slightly when moving your sprinkler and try to avoid foot traffic on the wet soil or impressions may occur.
Cutting your lawn is the next step of care. We feel that a seeded lawn should grow to a height of 5" and then be cut back to a 3" height. A sodded lwan should grow to a height of 3 1/2" - 4" and be cut back to a height of 2"- 3". Make sure that the ground has dried to allow for the mower and foot travel. Your sodded lawn should have started to take hold before you attempt to cut it.
Our most asked question is "Where did all these weeds come from?" Believe it or not, we'd love to install a weed-free lawn, but weeds are in the soil and grass seed so it's impossible to get away from them. Generally, there are two types of weeds that will germinate once watering begins: annual and perennial weeds. Keeping the grass cut to a height of 3" generally keeps weed seeds from forming. You can applya weed control after the grass is well established. Your first round of fertilizer should be a slow release one (24-3-3) without weed control at six weeks. Then at six-week intervals after that, you can start tackling them with a fertilizer with weed control in it.
It might seem like forever, butwith time, care and patience you'll be able to look out at the lawn and know you helped to make it happen. Good Luck!
Caring For Your New Plants:
Again, watering is the most important task for a successful landscape. Our staff should have given your plants their first watering before they left the job site. It is important to give the plants enough water, but not too much so that they are over-watered. Over-watering can sometimes be just as harmful as not watering. We recommend daily watering for the first few weeks. In general, holding the hose on a small to medium size plant for 15-20 seconds and 30-45 seconds for large plants and trees is a good basis to go by. Always water the foliage as well as the root ball. Taper off the watering after establishing your new plants. Remember to water your plants according to the weather. If it is hot, water them often. If it is cold,water them less.
All of our plants are fertilized either by our suppliers or in our yard, but it is a good idea to fertize yearly, especially the first few years until they can establish themselves.
Pruning of plants is also recommended yearly to keep your plants growing in a correct form. This may be done by you or by our crew. Ask for proper pruning instructions from our garden center.