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Winter Services Available

  •    Pretreating - Consists of coating a surface with rock salt, calcium or salt brine before a storm. Anti-icing is a service provided for high end properties where it is necessary to prevent the bond between snow and ice to the pavement, this in return prevents dangerous snow pack and ice under the snow. This also allows for a safer property during a storm and cleaner snow removal after the storm.
  •    De-Icing - Performed after plowing or to remove snow falls 1 inch or less. De-Icing is the process of applying rock salt or calcium chloride to sidewalks, roadways or parking lots.
  •     Snow Plowing -  Performed after 1 inch of snow has accumulated. This is performed using trucks, bobcats and front end loaders.
  •     Snow Removal - Haul away consists of removing snow from an area using loaders and trucks. This can be set up on a regular basis or as needed.
  •    SRP (Snow Removal Plan) - Snow response plans are developed during the off season. SRP"s are used to help assist in providing the correct level of service for your property during the snow season. We can't control the weather, but we can control how each event is managed depending on the individual needs and budgets of our customers.